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Metal 3D printing is revolutionizing traditional manufacturing


Our friends at Company Week ran this piece, a nice summary of the impact metal additive manufacturing is having on traditional manufacturing approaches. Contact us today to learn how we can help you add AM to your service offerings, or grow that part of your business.

"Metal 3D printing is revolutionizing traditional manufacturing"

by Heather Johnson / Hartwig, Inc.

In order to stay ahead in the market, it's paramount for an organization to find and implement strategies that differentiate it from others in its field. The search for value creating resources that are necessary to improve performance may come through the skills of the organization's people, as a result of unique business processes, or by finding inimitable ways to use physical resources. Regardless, companies must continue to focus on developing these resources because, as markets change, so does what it takes to remain relevant within them.

These changes in the market are happening quickly as technology continues to advance rapidly; industries are being redefined and restructured by near-constant innovation. Companies can no longer remain comfortable with the old ideal, "This is how we have always done it," because the world is changing. Organizations that grab ahold of these game-changing technologies, learn how to utilize them, and implement them in their processes will start to develop the new competitive advantages in this business era.

One of these technological revolutions has arrived to metal manufacturing in the form of additive manufacturing, an industrial 3D printing process. The time for manufacturers to start exploring how 3D printing will affect their future has arrived, and those who incorporate it into their business processes now will be ahead of the curve.

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